Perforated Type Cable Tray

Perforated Type Cable Trays  Are U Shaped M.S. Perforated, Fabricated Channels, With Center Perforation And Two Side Edges. Due To Its Perforated Design It Provides Proper Ventilation To Cables, Holding Cables In Proper Manner As Well As Provide Opportunity To Replace Or Check Cables After Long Duration Of Time. 



Mild Steel / Pre Galvanised Sheet/ Stainless Steel


Electroplated Galvanize / Hot Deep Galvanize

Std. Length


Std. Width

50 Mm To 600mm

Std. Height

25 Mm To 150mm

Std. Thickness

1.6mm / 2mm / 2.5mm / 3mm


Horizontal Bend / Vertical Inner Bend / Vertical Outer Bend, Tee, Reducer, Elbow, 


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